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Wednesday, 16 November 2005
Your membership is very important to accomplish the many services provided through the MRA.

Over the last year, with your help, we have brought new club, regatta and fleet insurance packages to the community. With your help, we have supported over 60 regattas across the US, some financially, some with insurance, some with management and volunteers and some with registration services. With your help, we have brought an additional 175 new Masters rowers into our sport through our clinics, information and personal attention. With your help, we have upgraded our website and newsletter, we now reach more people and supply the most up to date information for the master rower. It is with your help that we can continue.

In the coming year, we will continue to work hard for our members to bring new and exciting ideas to light and more support to the Masters Rowing community. We strive to be your leading source for rowing information, support within the community and voice within the sport. And we take our position very seriously! Let us know what you are thinking. We will research your ideas and support your opinions and if the need is great and change necessary, we will lobby for you to make it happen.

Again, we thank you for your continued support.

MRA 101
The Masters Rowing Association was established in 1999 as a non-profit (501c-3) organization to support and encourage the amateur sport of rowing, provide important educational support, an organizational voice, and assist in the success of rowing clubs, charities and organizations. The MRA offers masters an organization to help them pursue their rowing passion for a lifetime. Many people new to the sport do not realize the word ‘master’ refers only to the age of the rower (over 23 for masters rowing) and is not an indication of ones rowing prowess.

Masters Rowing Association members enjoy benefits of membership that can pay for the cost of membership each year. For more information check the benefits of membership page.

The MRA has worked hard to develop a series of regattas across the country that includes many of the premier masters events in the United States. With the support of our members and sponsors we have spent almost $1,000,000 in the rowing community to support over 200 rowing events!

Organizational Membership
The MRA offers rowing clubs, associations and regatta host organizations the opportunity to join the MRA as an organizational member. The cost to join the MRA as an organizational member for one year is $100.00 for Junior/Scholastic oriented clubs and $200.00 for clubs or organizations that cater to a variety of members. Organizational members enjoy many benefits to membership including

Access to MRA Insurance Program for clubs and club sponsored regattas (click here for more information on the MRA’s insurance program

Access to Mariner Insurance for rowing fleet coverage

1 annual subscription (12 issues) to the Rowing News per Organizational member

1 subscription (4 issues each year) to the MRA newsletter per Organizational member

Access to the MRA database of organizational members for mailings about regattas, events or fundraisers

Organizational Members will be eligible for on-site MRA coaching clinics – to be scheduled with MRA

Members can apply for a Chuck Colgan Grant – 4 grants are given each year Ranging from $500-$1,500 – given to start-up or needy clubs (victims of natural disasters, accidents, vandalism, etc.)

Discount on purchases of dock supplies from Connect-A-Dock

Dock design consultation from MRA and Connect-A-Dock

MRA organizational members are eligible to use the MRA’s 1000 square foot Connect-A-Dock at a reduced rate for their regatta

Free consulting and advice from the MRA staff of rowing organization experts – call us with your questions!

Recognition in the MRA newsletter and on the MRA website

Discount packages available with Ronin Racing and their suite of products

Free Rower’s Almanac for every Organizational Member

Opportunity to advertise upcoming events on the MRA website and newsletter at no charge

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