MRA – Alden Rowing Shells and Masters Rowing are pleased to announce a new partnership


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Friday, 09 December 2005
MRA NEWS For Immediate Release March 2005

Alden Rowing Shells and Masters Rowing are pleased to announce a new partnership.

The Masters Rowing Association and Alden Rowing Shells the leading manufacturer and designer of recreational rowing shells is pleased to announce a new program which will benefit Masters Members and Alden Shell Owners.

Alden has now become an official Sponsor of MRA and will work with the MRA to promote recreational rowing throughout the U.S. Alden and Masters Rowing will co-sponsor learn to row clinics and demonstration days this year

Alden will give MRA Members a 5% discount on all 13 models of their shells and equipment.

New owners of Alden Shells will receive a FREE one year membership to the MRA.

“We are very excited about our new relationship with Alden”, says Chuck Alexander, Director of the Masters Rowing Association. “Recreational Rowing is growing in the United States and the MRA wants to be a part of this community of rowers”. Many elite scullers most likely trained in a recreational shell at some point in their career- many in an Alden. Alden has reputation for building excellent quality, durable, and well designed shells. They are the largest manufacturer and distributor of shells in the world. Since its inception 35 years ago, they have sold over 30,000 shells.

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I am very pleased that we are partnering with the MRA,” says, Ed Jarvis, President. “We have always wanted to partner with an organization that wants to promote the growth of rowing in this country. We feel that Masters Rowing has done a superb job of providing services, not only to elite rowers, but to the entire rowing community.” “We continue to experience a very strong growth rate in recreational rowing and Alden will continue to build innovative designs that appeal to the broader rowing population”. Alden is a leader in providing equipment for adaptive rowers and has developed several designs that permit younger rowers to learn and enjoy the sport as well.”

Alden is pleased to introduce 3 New Models for 2005

Alden 18 Ultralite- The Classic Alden 18 has been replaced by the new Ultralite, weighing less than 60 lbs. (Classic Alden 18 weighed 68 pounds). This is a drop of over 10% in weight. The Retail Price is $2399 for the hull. This shell accommodates one or two drop in riggers. Row single, row double, Riggers are $499 each.

Alden 29 Carbon- The Alden 29, originally developed for the adaptive rowing segment, is more popular than ever with our community and club rowing programs. It is still available in fiberglass at $5999 but is now also available in carbon at $6699 (weighs only 85 lbs rigged with 2 wings!) This boat weighs slightly less than a racing double, yet offers supreme durability and stability. The Alden 29 can also be converted to a pair with the addition of the A29Sweep riggers ($799 for 2 wings).

Alden 16 Quest- Is Here!! A truly innovative design in shells similar to the Classic 16 but with inner liner and rigging system similar to our popular Star 22. The boat fully rigged is expected to weigh approximately 40 lbs. This boat can be rowed by five year olds and adults up to 210 pounds. An optional touring cargo hatch accesses inner hull storage for those picnics on the island.

For more information, please contact:

Chuck Alexander
Masters Rowing Association
Ph: (877) 769-4644
Fax: (215) 232-4778


Ed Jarvis, President

Alden Rowing Shells, LLC

PO Box 368

Eliot. ME 03903





ABOUT MASTERS ROWING ASSOCIATION The Masters Rowing Association was established in 1999 as a non-profit organization to fulfill three important needs: supporting and encouraging the amateur sport of rowing, providing important educational support and an organizational voice, and assisting in the success of all rowing clubs, charities and organizations. The MRA offers masters an organization to help them pursue their rowing passion for a lifetime.

The MRA has developed a series of regattas across the country that includes many of the premier Masters events in the United States. The MRA provides clinics at many regattas and visits clubs across the United States to offer free rowing clinics. Additionally, the MRA provides rowing clubs with assistance in how to run a rowing club, club budgeting, and a host of other information.

The MRA national headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s on historic boathouse row at boathouse #4.

Masters Rowing Official Sponsors: founding sponsor Subaru of America; its Official Technology Partner is Row2k; its Official Dock is Connect-A-Dock; its Official Media Partner is Rowing News; its Official Shell Insurer is Mariner Insurance and Patagonia is the MRA’s newest sponsor.

Join the MRA today and support rowing!

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